Nick is often asked by people if they would be suited to owning a Staffy. As he points out, it can’t ever be a vanity project – and it’s important to know if it’s the right dog for you.

He says: “You need to have an extra special affinity with this breed of dog because he is going to love you so much and expect the same in return.

This is not an aloof dog – it’s people friendly. It has particular traits which are not common to other breeds – not least its interest in people. This dog will want to bond with you and others in your house. For example, there’s no question of you sitting down to watch telly without your Staffy expecting to sit with you and other members of the family.

“ I’m very disciplined so I find them easy to train . But to own a Staffy is to be its leader. And to reach that position you need to be blessed with patience as you work with your dog. It needs you, the owner, to be its pack leader.”

Nick also points out that this is a dog who doesn’t like to be left on its own.

“If you are out at work all day, its not a dog for you – I mean, it’s cruel on any breed, but especially a Staffy. It’s a strong dog, with a stubborn, independent mind – not a handbag dog. Though if you want one that’ll run around hills with you, this isn’t the dog for you – they have very short legs! It’s also not a guard dog – don’t get one for this reason, though they will be very protective towards you and your family. But equally it’s not suited to a first time dog owner.”