nick freeman and his staffy george


Welcome to Save the Staffy – the website run by celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman, aka, Mr Loophole. Nick is dedicated to fighting injustice – and through this website aims to celebrate Staffordshire Bull Terriers and dispel the myths surrounding this wonderful but much maligned breed.


Nick Freeman is the country’s leading road traffic lawyer and criminal defence lawyer, badged Mr Loophole by the media for his ability to secure acquittals for celebrity clients based on legal technicalities.

Nick has also been a dedicated dog lover since he was a boy and has owned Staffys for over 30 years. It’s to this much misunderstood breed that he is now turning his talent for seeking justice.

Says Nick: “Staffys are the most intuitive of all breeds. Highly intelligent, fiercely loyal and a wonderful family dog. And yet every time there’s a reported incident of a dog attack, it invariably appears to involve a Staffy. Yet, not only are they nearly always ‘Staffy crosses’ ( ie crossed with a much larger dog). But also the problem is always at the other end of the lead. – the owner. Ironically the Staffy’s default position is to be too friendly with people hence it’s often nicknamed a nanny dog. Yet if continually provoked and maltreated then, inevitably ,because of the power of the jaw and the muscularity of the dog, they can do serious damage. That’s why we’ve set up this campaign. Not only to champion the Staffy but to offer truthful advice about the responsibility of ownership.”

The website and campaign is also here to promote awareness, provide education and offer assistance. A place to seek the latest advice about Staffys – whether you own one already or are thinking of bringing one into your life.

Adds Nick: “To me having a Staffy can enhance your life on so many different levels. It’s like your best friend – whether you’re having exercise, just playing or sitting curled up together Staffys are so compact. Pound for pound they give enormous pleasure. Yet their personalities and characteristics occupy a lot of space. Like a Porsche Turbo – a small car with a huge punch. All Staffy owners know that this is misconceived and indeed the Kennel Club regard the Staffy as one of only two breeds that they would positively recommend with young children. So please, take a look around the website and help us set the record straight about this fabulous dog. “

The site features sections on the breed’s history, caring for your Staffy, dogs and the law and other useful links.

More importantly, use our Facebook and Twitter pages to share with us your Staffy news, stories, photographs and videos. Our goal is to cause a massive shift in public perception and with your help and support we can achieve this.

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