Nick drives thousands of miles a year since he suffers with travel sickness and can’t fly or take the train. But it does mean where Nick goes his dogs can go too.

Having spent so much time on the road with a four legged friend by his side, Nick has put together a checklist for travelling with your Staffy:

1. Go for a walk before you travel – give the dog a small amount of food (less than normal) and then water

2. Your dog has to enjoy travelling – otherwise don’t go on long journeys

3. Stop regularly even if you don’t want to.

4. Dogs can get travel sick – often associated with nerves – get them used to journeys before travelling far.

5. Watch the heat, not too hot (never leave in car with closed windows).

6. Make sure the dog has a comfy place: – I have a special mattress in the car and a harness.

7. I try and maintain the same routine as at home – so say a lunchtime biscuit for the dog at the same time

8. Be aware of what your dog is telling you – if he wants something he’ll let you know

9. Don’t have music on that’s too loud for the dog

10. If it lies on the floor, make sure there is cold air coming up the footwell

11. Always keep your dog well hydrated

12. Ensure they love travelling in the car before setting off on a long journey